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How do I start e-commerce?


In many workshops and various seminars young entrepreneur want to know - How do I start e-commerce? Even in the Facebook group, many are asked this question. Today's article in light of that question.


1. Ask yourself questions? Why do you want to do business?

The goal is an important factor for any task. If your goal is not right then you are the destination less. So why do you do business? You have to answer this question perfectly and that should be satisfying. Someone’s business is doing well and earning good as well. This may not be the reason for coming to your business. You have to have the mental fortitude in doing business and needed a business attitude because business is not a hobby. If you want to start a business you have must dream, vow, passion and worship in a right way


2. Why want to do e-commerce? Know the answer to this question?

Doing business in good, why do e-commerce? Has many more business way. This is the era of technology; everyone is leaning towards it and you have to do that it could not be enough reasons to start an e-commerce business. Rather than it most important is that how you understand the e-commerce? If you think that e-commerce means selling a product by opening a facebook page or website, I can say that you shouldn’t do that. Most crucial think is that how much you understand the technology and e-commerce and of course! General concepts of business must be needed in doing any business.



3. Determine the type of business and the product also, think about who your customer will be.

If you intend to do this business, first you have to ensure these two things. You have to identify what kind of product or service you will provide and who will be your customer, because your business name and marketing strategies depends on this decision.


4. Now you can take the name, slogan, page, domain?

If you have the answers to the above questions, these tasks should be very easy. Now you can set a name, a tag line, create a pagebook page and a nice domain, according to your product or service type and consumer's interests.


5. Make a solid plan for the business

No work can be done without a plan and could not do as well. Once your product or service name has done, now you can make a detailed plan for business that should be for 5 years. At each of these steps, you should decide where you want your company to look and what you need to do, and act according to your plan. Though this plan is for 5 years plus but want to have the details of each month and week.


6. You can start a business with the help of Facebook page.

Those who are oneman Army they can start the business through Facebook beside their original plan making. Starting in a small range, you can initially get an idea of some of its possibilities and problems in advance. This is especially good for those with less investment.


7. You can get website, office address, trade license and MFS.

If you have finally decided that you are doing business. Now you have to get down to work, and these are legal documents such as a trade license and an office address. Of course! Make a payment mood like bkash, Rocket,or Nagod then start your work!

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